Operational features

- Simple traditional-style key token operation.  

- Single or double line working.

- No train-borne electronics.

- Token release by drivers leaves a line-controller free to control.

- Continuous train position and token tally display.

- Ability to control a line from a fixed or mobile location.

- Bespoke system solutions to customers’ requirements.

- 'Every station’ or through-running possible with short, medium and long  section tokens.

- Complete possession tokens possible.

- Section lengths can be changed to suit operational requirements.

- Ability to abandon long tokens mid-section in the event of a train failure to minimise delays to other trains.

- Rapid token release for even the most complex systems (less than 3 secs).

- Can be removed in high vandalism areas, daily or out of season.


Design features

- Modular design allowing scalable systems.

– 2, 4, 6,  8 or 12 lock setups using common components.

- Housed in standard half-rack cabinets 6U to 12U high x 250mm deep.

- Minimal repair skills required. Modular plug-and-play replacement system with factory refurbishment.  Manufacturer’s  support and training.

 - relocation of equipment requires a minimum of hardware alteration.

  Technical features

- Operates with a LAN, broadband connection or mobile network.

- 12hrs independent power, if required, with continuous power monitoring.

- Self testing and diagnosis. Self-restoring on power or network failure.    

- Multiple digital and analogue security levels.

- Dual-system token issue and continuous dual-system auditing.

- High security, robust  locks.