trapped key interlock

Technology spin-off for use in railway and other industries.

These are the new solenoid-controlled trapped-key locks used in the Ternkey devices. They are designed specifically to work within a network to allow remote control of safety-critical processes.

Network-detected, solenoid-controlled trapped-key locks already exist in the market, but they are primarily used in the control of industrial machinery. The Ternkey locks are compact enough to be grouped together in the control of single or double line working.

They are just 40mm wide x 105mm high x 80mm deep and use the Kaba 20 high security cylinder lock that can be attached 'straight out of the box'. The keys can be used across a wide range of existing Kaba security products.

These are simple, sealed bespoke devices readily adaptable to customers' requirements.

A variety of fixings and voltages are available.